Fruits, glorious fruits

I woke up this morning and found these lovely fruits my hubby bought from the market. These seasonal fruits are at their peak now. Prices are cheap too.


This is the 3rd or 4th time I put up photos of durian. (Just click on the category at the side panel and choose ‘fruits’ for other blogs about fruits.) Can’t help it. They looks so yummy and taste heavenly. Some people can get sick after eating durian but not me. I would alternate eating durians with rambutans.


These rambutans are so fresh. The flesh is crunchy and it does not stick to the seed. I am not sure what it is call but in Hokkien we refer to it as lekang.


It is only recently I found out that in the USA, they make mangosteen juice. I have never heard of them. I wonder what mangosteen juice taste like? Apparently, the advertisments said mangosteen juice contain some special nutrients or something. Over here in Malaysia, the only way we eat mangosteen is fresh from the fruit.

Mangosteen taste nice but the skin leaves a sap. Be careful that the sap does not get your clothings or else it will leave a permanent brown stain.

Caution to all parents : Never let a small child eat rambutan or mangosteen. Both of these fruits are choking hazard. Many children had died as a result of choking on the seeds. I let my toddler tasted a sour rambutan and he dare not eat them for the time being. When children are older, allow them to eat but always remind them not to put the whole fruit into the mouth. Instead, hold them with the finger and nibble the fruit.

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