Funny looking tropical fruits – soursop

Ever observe that tropical fruits are fanciful? They come with thorns, hairs, scales, hard shells, peel off skins etc? Compared to temperate countries fruits, tropical countries fruits are so exotic!

The soursop is called an ‘angmoh liulian’ in Hokkien, meaning English durian. The green skin has some soft and harmless thorns like the durians. However, there is absolutely no smell like the durian.


The flesh is white with black seeds. When ripened, one just need to pinch a chunk off from the skin and slurp them. I suppose not many people like the taste as it is sour and slimy. However, I found it refreshing.

Soursops are sold in supermarkets and wet markets. One kilogramme is only about RM3.90. Soursop can be made into juices too and some are sold in cartons.

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