Getting the perfect roast

Roast turkey
(roast turkey for Christmas)

Getting the perfect roast chicken done at home is actually not a huge task if we have the right equipment. In fact, I love to roast chicken, duck, turkey or leg of lamb because it is very easy to prepare. With the right seasonings, you will get an elegant main dish to impress guests. The key to remember is to leave the seasoned meat in the fridge overnight so that the flavour blends nicely with the whole poultry or meats.

roast chicken with mashed potato
(roast chicken with mashed potatoes)

However, the main challenge is to find an oven or stainless rotisseries which can fit a whole turkey or other poultry. To get a nice, balance and even tone roasted meat, it has to rotate throughout the whole roasting process. It is fantastic when all the oil is given a place to drip, making the roasted meat a much healthier choice.

I am providing the link to Rotisol which is a preferred home and commercial brand of rotisserie. I would love to own one of it as it will definitely delivers perfect, crispy skin roasted Peking duck, Christmas turkey and the familiar roast chicken that are sold in restaurants. Do take a look!

*Sponsored but photos are my own homemade roasted poultry*

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