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I just read a short article that has been passed around the social media sites about women needing more hours of sleep than men. It says that women become grumpy when they do not have enough sleep. The recommended hours are nine solid hours. I don’t think I can ever achieve that. In fact, if I can sleep for just 7 hours, I am happy enough. Unfortunately, I sometimes catch only about 6 hours and some times, even worse. Five hours of shut eye and I have to wake up to get the kid’s ready for school again.

The other thing about sleep is that we cannot pay back or compensate the hours we missed. Even though I managed to catch a nap in the afternoons during the weekend, it is not the same as getting a complete night’s sleep.

So, I was looking around for natural remedy to make me sleep better. I wanted to try some herbal teas which are supposed to make me calm, relaxed and ready for bed earlier. I have problems falling asleep and I am always wide awake as an owl, even at 1 am or 2 am.

Though I have been searching for sleep aids natural methods all over, I still can’t find something that can make me fall asleep the moment I hit the pillow. Natural teas like camomile do not work for me. SleepAidPill may just do the trick seen at https://sleepaidpill.com/compare/. The website says it is made of other natural ingredients (https://sleepaidpill.com/ingredients/) like valerian root, passion flower and of course, camomile.

The other thing I read about not having enough sleep, is how our bodies may not have enough time to repair themselves. My friend told me the most affected organ is our liver, as it doesn’t have enough time to clear the toxins from our bodies. Hence, aging, dull skin, looking lethargic etc., are the results of not getting enough sleep.

Maybe after taking all these points into considerations, I might seriously think again and get the nine hours of sleep that I should be getting. I do not want to be a grumpy old woman with bad skin, bad breath, and leathery skin.

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