Goodall food court

We passed by this foodcourt along Jalan Gottlieb, right across the Penang Chinese Girls Highschool a few times and found them packed every night. Out of curiousity, we tried out the place and had been back there twice within 3 nights. In fact, we wanted to go on Saturday night but it was too packed and hence, we waited till Monday to return. What draw us there?


I can’t get a very nice shot of the place because it was dusk and I had trouble with lighting. It was neither night nor day. Pardon the badly taken photos.

Do you see a red signboard? It says Padrino (The Godfather), Italian Special. Well, don’t expect fine Italian cuisine. It is the basic Western food we can find all over Malaysia. But I like them anyway.

I ordered mix grill (RM15). The beef is done just right, medium. The lamb is very tender, the chicken yummylicious. It comes with a bunch of spaghetti and the meats are covered in cheese sauce apart from the brown sauce. The accompanying baked potato has some ‘sour cream’ sauce on top. (sorry no photo because when I ate that, I did not have my camera with me)

Then, I was so happy to finally find my Weld Quay Beef Kuay Teow. I used to patronise this stall almost everyday when I was working in
Weld Quay a long time ago. Now I know where to go for Beef Kuay Teow.


The next reason why we kept going back to the same place is this stall. Edward Wood Fire Pizza. My kids love the pizza. It has thin crust and made with just the right blend of herbs and sauce.

Edward (I suppose that’s the guy name) has this huge open oven where he chucked in wood to built the fire. Then, he baked the pizza in the open fire. This is how the Italians do it in Italy. Every big and tiny ristorante/pizzeria in Italy has this kind of oven. Edward made the pizza to order. My kids asked for cheese and pineapple. The price – RM6, RM9 and RM15 according to size.

Goodall – a place I don’t mind going back again soon.

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6 thoughts on “Goodall food court


    (June 7, 2005 - 9:10 pm)

    Isn’t this the place where that over zealous enforcement officer shot that VCD kid (as well as that patron eating chicken wings)?


    (June 7, 2005 - 10:52 pm)

    Yes, vcd kid got shot there.
    5x, food is very good but that place is little too hot.


    (June 8, 2005 - 2:00 am)

    KS – eee, ya kah? I hope I did not sat on the unlucky spot. I agree la, hot ‘cos left, right centre got fire. Teppanyaki, pizza, roasted chicken wings, fried rice, all fire.

    Fishtail – your question answered. I thought that happened in Fettes Park. So, it is here la, so infamous la. But then, they have The Godfather stall mah, so shooting bang-bang, common la.


    (June 8, 2005 - 3:38 pm)

    ah ha! this is the one opposite my old school. 🙂 the char kuay teow is pretty good too.

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