Green delights (agar-agar and sago)

No recipe but just some photos.


My 13 yrs old son made these jellies or agar-agar. It comes in powder form so it is pretty easy to make. He just measure the required amount of water and added in some rock sugar and pandan leaves. Then, he enjoyed making them into various shapes. I just merely supervise the whole process. Easy-peasy.

There are actually three types of jellies here in Malaysia. One is the American version of jello which is very err…jelly? Most locals do not favour this variety.

Then, there is the Japanese konnyaku jellies which is rather similar to the American version except it is less gluey. Usually, we put in some fruits to make the konnyaku much more interesting. Konnyaku comes from tuber (roots).

Thirdly, the one above is the agar-agar jelly which is made from seaweed.

While on the green theme, I would also like to share a photo of the green sago kueh made with sago pearls and flavoured with brown sugar and dessicated coconut in between.


Two favourites of mine.

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