Green ‘tortoise’ (cheh koo)


First of all, my bigger camera, the Minolta Z3 is in the repair shop. Therefore, I am substituting with my Canon A10 which is a very primitive and old camera. Not the nicest photo but I couldn’t resist writing about this kueh, which is a favourite of mine.

Cheh Koo is the green version of the ‘must have’ angkoo which is offered to deities during prayers. Cheh Koo is made from glutinous rice flour for the outer layer. The green colour is derived from the pandan leaves which give the cake a very nice fragrant. The inner stuffing is made from grated coconut cooked with brown sugar.

Best cheh koo is found from Eaton at Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim which specialises in making ‘confinement packages’, i.e. gifts of cakes and yellow rice given out to friends and relatives when a newborn reach 1 month old. (will blog more about this next time).

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