Gurney Drive – night scenes

Recently, our Penang State Government put up a lot of lights along the waterfront. Whether it is beautiful or not, I shall leave it to the individual’s opinion. I had written about Gurney Drive previously. But with the new lights, I am putting up some photos again.


McDonalds Fast Food Restaurant glowing in the dark. Those things that look like fireworks are actually artificial lights. It is a challenge to take night photography. In fact, I need to use the tripod for these photos.


These are rows of the lights that are recently installed. It is actually very bright but looks dark in the photo. I found them too glaring and heat up the place. No more cosy stroll for lovers!


There was a man performing some show with fires and kerosene. He was very impressed to see me with the camera and tripod. But poor guy ended up so blur in this photo. I am not doing justice to his effort, I would say.


Vendors selling cheap Made-In-China toys. They seem to be everywhere. Offering toys that I feel are dangerous. Like those laser light pointers and toys that make noise several decibles higher than they should. I just hope that parents are educated on the danger of some of these toys. Or better still, there is reinforcement from the relevant Ministry because one can never be too careful with children. Accidents may happen. The best is to ban some of those toys deem dangerous before something bad happen.

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Hahaha, don’t feel discouraged. Penang has plenty of good food, nice sights and friendly people around.

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