Hainan Temple


This is one place which I am very proud of. Because it is my ancestors’ association. When I was small, the Kheng Chew Hooi Kuan used to give out prizes to my older siblings for doing well in school. Though I hardly can remember anything, I do know that I had been there once when I was probably 5 years old.


So, when I see that rows and rows of old photos, I was sort of over-whelmed. The photos belong to people whom had died. They place a memorial here.


The exterior walls are covered by elaborate granite stone carvings of ancient China historial heroes/mythical legends. Each piece tells a story. Even the roofings have some figurines.


There is a deity in the temple whom is supposed to watch over these sea-farers on their journey from the Hainan islands in China to Malaysia (Malaya previously). I had written some thoughts about this matter in my personal blog.


I stepped out of the temple, feeling very blessed being here in Penang, Malaysia. And also indebted to those people whom had sailed across the oceans to reach my country and settled down. My late father is also a native from Hainan island who came to this country when he was young. God bless them all!

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