Half-boiled eggs

I don’t know if I should categorise this as ‘recipe’ because it doesn’t involve any works. But never mind, getting the right consistency half-boiled egg is still elusive to many. So here goes:

1) If you are using eggs that you have stored in the fridge, take it out for a while before proceeding to make half-boiled egg. If you can’t wait, just dunk it in normal room temperature water to ‘heat’ up the egg somewhat.

2) Though people favours telur ayam kampung (free range chicken), note that eggs can harbour bacterias. Therefore, be sure you know where those eggs are from. I wouldn’t risk consuming eggs picked from just anywhere.


This is the gadget that ensure that my eggs are cooked to the right consistency. You can find them in bigger supermarkets around Malaysia. Cost less then RM10 (I think). It has markings to show you how much boiling water to put for the number of eggs. Remember to use boiling water for half-boiled eggs.


One of the eggs cracked because they were just taken out from the fridge. You fill up the hot water and at the bottom of the container, there is a tiny hole. Water will drip down to another container and by the time the water finished dripping away, the egg is cooked. It is a never fail procedure. Perfect egg each time.


Here are two half-boiled eggs with a dash of pepper and soya-sauce. It is yummy eaten with toast. Will write about making toast next time. Remember? I am a Hainanese and my ancestors are pioneers of the coffee-shops in Malaysia! Egg, toast, kaya and coffee are our Hainanese specialities.

There is one coffee-shop in Penang which is swarmed with huge numbers of people who go there just for the toast and half-boiled eggs. In the morning, they serve toast and egg and in the evening, seafood bee-hoon. Located along the way to the Bayan Lepas International Airport at Sungai Tiram.

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