Have you done your Big Mac chant yet?

We have been going to McDonalds more than usual because of the free Big Mac. You see, it is an evil cycle. We get a free Big Mac but my youngest son does not like Big Mac. So, he asked for something else like McNuggets or McDonald’s fried chicken. We buy a set, and we get another coupon to do the Big Mac Chant. We accumulated so many coupons, we are going to eat Big Mac for weeks.


I have one son who can rattled off the Big Mac Chant in 2 seconds! So, we drag him along but we must bribe him with a sundae with chocolate sauce.


I still have four free Big Mac to claim before the closing date at the end of this month. Blek. I am beginning to hate Big Mac now. BTW, I found the Mega Mac to be rather dry. Maybe it is the branch of McDonald’s that produce it.

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1 thought on “Have you done your Big Mac chant yet?


    (May 28, 2008 - 1:54 pm)

    wah..u hv 4 free Big Mac ah…tht day i get 1 only…

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