Having the right cookware helps

Yesterday, my friend phoned to ask if she can place two cakes side by side in her brand new oven which can takes both cake tins. She was so excited about Christmas and was in the dilemma, not knowing what to do.

Earlier, she also phoned me about her new deep fryer. She wasn’t sure if she should close the cover for faster cooking or will that cause her fried foods to turn soggy. My friend is already in her 50s and hence, is finally so pleased she can afford all these cookware and new oven.

Although she is a good cook, she couldn’t prepare several foods simply because she doesn’t have all the fanciful cookware sets as her family was merely struggling through. Now that her children are older and can afford to buy her all these cookware, she is thoroughly enjoying them.

So, if you are a new cook, you may want to know that sometimes our cooking skills are limited by our range of cookware in the kitchen. If you don’t have proper stew pot for example, you may not get the kind of melt in the mouth kind of meats. Or if you do not have the heavy base cookware, certain foods take long time to cook.

But of course, do not let the lack of proper cookware sets stopped you from preparing meals in the kitchen. Sometimes, simple meals will warm the heart although they are not the most elaborate dish.

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