Heatwave, cooling tea

The above bunch of dried flowers, roots and plants are supposed to ‘cool the body heat and tranquilize the mind’. Tranquilize?!?!?! Ah well….who cares what the label says. I bought this from the Chinese medicine shop today. It is called the 5-flowers cooling tea and is meant to be boiled with brown sugar.

The weather in Penang is hellish, with temperature hovering above 35 deg celcius. So, Chinese herbal tea to the rescue. However, caution on drinking them. Once, I took the herbal tea sold by those roadside stall with big brass containers? Add in some bitter powder. Next day, I almost died of period cramps. I did not die but fainted due to pain. So, don’t drink any herbal teas when pregnant, after miscarriage, just have baby or having period. Better still, don’t even drink at all.

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