Heh Chien (prawn omellete) – homemade version

James blogged about the heh-chien he ate in Taiping. I have never come across any stall selling this Oh-Chien using prawns before. But my mom used to make this and called it ‘koh tau’. I ate that a lot back in the kampung because there weren’t any hawker back in the good ole days.

After reading James heh-chien, I set out to make my own the next day. I do not have any prawns nor tapioca flour. So, I make do with whatever I have, i.e. Seapack artificial prawns (made with white fish) and cornflour. In place of the special chili sauce, I used Maggi Chili sauce with garlic. It is still as yummy.

Recipe here:
A small bunch of dried prawns (soaked for a while)
3 pips garlic – chopped
About 30 sen of chives (kucai) cut
A handful of prawns
Soya sauce, pepper and if available fish sauce

2 eggs
3 tablespoon of tapioca flour
About 6 tablespoon of water – mix with tapioca flour until it is runny but not too thin

1) Saute garlic and dried prawns with some oil
2) Add the prawns and season with some soya sauce, fish sauce and pepper. When prawn turns colour,
3) Add chives and stir
4) Pour in tapioca and mix, it will turn transparent, like gum
5) Knock in egg and mix well.

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