Hindu temples


Sungai Palas is a tea plantation in Cameron Highlands. The rolling hills are planted with acres and acres of tea trees.

The tea leaves are manually harvested every morning by the plantation workers who lives in Sungai Palas. There is a small school and several places of worship. I found a chapel, surau (a smaller version of mosque) and this beautiful Hindu temple.

It was about to rain when I captured this shot. Hence, the dark clouds and rather dark hill in the background.


I like looking at the figurines on the roof of Hindu temples. They are so intricate and full of interesting figurines. I believe they tell a story. This shot is from the Hindu temple near the Penang Botanical Gardens. There are three Hindu temples near the Botanical Gardens and each year, the Thaipusam chariots converge there.

Have you ever observed a Hindu temple in construction? They usually cover the whole place with nipah leaves and hence, it is hidden from the public eyes until the temple is completed. I would like to know how the craftsmen and building contractors managed to build such beautiful structures under the darkness of the nipah leaves (nipah = traditional roofing materials using palm leaves).

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