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Recently, I bought a new gadget. The piece of thing costs about $5K and you know what they wanted to give me as freebie? A return airticket to a destination nearby. I refused to take the ticket because it will means buying five other tickets for my children and husband. So, they compensate me in cash but it is only a fraction of the ticket costs.

I notice that lately, almost all the credit card companies, bonus point and incentive programs, large corporations and others are throwing in holidays and vacation packages as incentives. Traveling is almost like a norm already because of the cheaper ticket prices and the attractive hotels and resorts sprouting up everywhere.


To give you an idea how lucrative such mass vacation packages are, you need to find out from Holiday Travel of America on how well they are doing in this field. Gone were the days when we only have time sharing vacation spots. Now, with smart marketing, they have made things much easier and also much cheaper.

Almost every companies and corporations can afford to dangle a carrot in the form of holiday packages to their clients and employees too are rewarded in this manner. I believe if one has the volume, then, it is very profitable to get into this business. That’s what this couple has achieved over at their company.

While I was looking through their website, I spotted some holiday packages that are worth mentioning like A Midweek holiday whereby they offers rather cheap prices. Normally, most resorts are rather deserted during the working days and off peak periods. In my opinion this is the best time to travel because you do not need to jostle with anyone. Talking about off peak, should I also mention that all resorts are going to increase their prices from about now in anticipation of Christmas and New Year holidays. So, you probably have a few more days or maybe a week or two to grab some good incentives before all the prices are highly marked up.

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