Homecooked porridge and dishes

I was joking with my hubby that with rice shortage, we need to cut down on our rice intake and eat porridge everyday. So, today, I cooked several side dishes to eat with porridge. Usually, our Chinese porridge is made from boiling rice in water for a long while until the rice is soft but still in its shape and there are plenty of broth. I added some sweet potatoes in it.


Porridge like this is very plain and we need dishes that are flavourful to make it tastier.


I made some mui choy (some dried, salted vegetable) with garlic, pork, dried oysters (cut into tiny pieces) and preserved soyabeans (taucheow). I also fried omelette with Chinese sausage. Normally, the eggs is best fried with ‘chai poh’ (another type of dried vegetables) but I do not have it in my fridge.


Then, I steam some pork with whitebaits (tiny anchovies). The other dish is some mock duck.

salted fish

Finally, I fried some salted fish.

Health wise, it is not advisable to eat so much preserved, dried foods. But for the sake of blogging, anything can do. It seems the rice shortage in Malaysia is getting worse. Read my Best Recipe blog on my rant.

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