Homemade bee koh moi (pulut hitam)

It has been raining in Penang for the last two days. Rainy days like these remind me of those times when mom would boil a huge pot of yummy, warming dessert for us kids. Things like red bean soup, gandum (wheat), green bean soup (bubur kacang) and of course, the black glutinious rice broth.

I had blogged this before. But since I am cooking it this time, here is the home-cooked version with dried longans.

It is very hard to get a nice photo of something that looks ‘dull’. Hope this one looks as good as it tastes.

Note : I use the slow-cooker (crockpot)to cook this, so there is no work involve at all. Otherwise, this broth burnts easily. One need to stir the bottom of the pot very often to avoid this happening.

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