Hot Blooms

The hot, hot, hot weather during the months of December, January and February in Penang (and probably most parts of Malaysia) brings out some beautiful blooms. While the grasses are turning brown and other green plants withered, some trees burst into breathtaking blooms. One of my favourite flower is the bright red coloured flame-of-the-forest. (Hope to snap a photo one day).

Meantime, let me share a pretty purple flowers tree. These are very old trees, with little leaves. Am not sure of the name though. I found about 4-5 of these trees lining the Padang Polo edge near the Penang General Hospital. They are a beauty. How I wish I can climb up the tree and capture macro shots of these soft, fluffy, two-toned flowers. The tree is rather high, climbing may either kill me or landed me in jail (whichever is no different, I think).

I don’t particularly like flowers. However, I had been taking photos of flowers ever since I had my new camera. Every kind of flowers. Even the wild weeds turn out great under my macro shots. (hmmm…but then, I always bring out the best in a person too.) And no flowers get away without being shot (by the camera).

This tree looks miserably undernourished the whole year through. However, with the hot weather, they suddenly burst into golden glory overnight. This photo is taken from my bedroom window. It is a beautiful sight, with the flowers blooming and petals scattered on the pathway. I had blogged about this earlier but that photo was taken from the ground but this is from the top.

**I am in the midst of shifting this blog to my own domain. Postings will be slow these few days. After too much feasting due to the Chinese New Year celebrations, I have no appetite for food blogs. Burp. But faithful readers, look out for my pengat sometime next week.*

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