Hotel on the hill

Bridge to paradise Posted by Hello
I took this photo at the Equatorial Hotel in Penang. We go swimming on weekends and it is a great place to take photos. Unfortunately with the hot weather, all I find there are dead flowers, brown grass, rotting lotus in the ponds and not so great sceneries. However, this photo of their hanging bridge (the wobbly kind) is rather lovely. It is nestled in the midst of the jungle. Under the bridge, there is a river with kois. I love koi, a kind of sometimes overpriced fish. After admiring Kervin’s photo of kois, I tried capturing the kois with my *ahem* non-reflective filter but my photos still did not turn out nice because of the strong current. There is a waterfall which flows right into the swimming pool. Nope, I am not promoting tourism for EQ, so I won’t be showing their hotel pool etc.

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