Hu Yew Seah – building

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I took this photo at dusk, when the sun has almost set. This photo has not been photoshop or altered in any way. The building original colour is white and hence, it comes out as a sepia photo. Note the KOMTAR building at the back?

This is the Hu Yew Seah building along Jalan Madras. It looks forlorn, isn’t it? I google about the historical background of this building and came up with:
1) Needed money for restoration (article in the Star)

2) Another website quoted,
“For example, the Hu Yew Seah was established in the turn of the century to enable the English educated to study Manderin classes.”

I do not know much about Hu Yew Seah except having heard my mom mentioned that people attended school there. Just feel like sharing this photo because it looks ‘antique’.

Have a good weekend to all!

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