I hate running out of gas

Over here, we cook with cooking gas which comes in tanks. It is normally delivered to our home by the nearest sundry shop. In my previous home, I used to store and extra tank so that I have back-up. Of course, over there I have plenty of space with good ventilation and it is quite alright. However, I cannot do that in my current apartment because it is risky to store those tanks as they are high inflammable and can explode too. @_@

I ran out of gas last night. I still have electric steamboat, microwave oven, grill pan and even a hot stove but it is too much of a chore to bring them out. So, we went out for our dinner last night. However, the gas man never turned up even after I had called him several times.


So, I took out my grill pan and grill everything for lunch. These are prawns, Taiwan sausages and some pork that I had seasoned last night.


Of course, the food tastes great when grilled. The prawns smell so nice I think our whole apartment unit are salivating over it.

But what I want to grill is the gas delivery man’s arse because he still hasn’t deliver the gas yet.

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1 thought on “I hate running out of gas

    Erina Law

    (November 12, 2007 - 4:15 pm)

    I have a portable gas stove and also a holagen stove with me – in case run out of gas. Don’t want to have uncook food mah on table………. paiseh, rite? But your grill food lood so yummy leh

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