In a little village call Balik Pulau

Ok, ok, before the people from Balik Pulau throw stones at me for calling it a little village, I better correct my title. Balik Pulau is not exactly a tiny village but a small town at the other side of the Penang island. However, a lot of us do not often travel to Balik Pulau. It is a pity, really. Balik Pulau has many attractions and on weekends, we can just leisurely drive through and treat it like going for a holiday because it is that ‘kampung-ish’.


There is a beach.


A little pekan which sells fresh fruits and native products like pickled mangoes and nutmegs, belacan and prawn paste.


Balik Pulau is famous for the nutmeg trees so make sure you grab yourself a blended, fresh nutmeg juice.


Get yourself a packet of prawn crackers which this old lady said she made it herself.


Of course, a visit to Balik Pulau is not complete without having a bowl of Balik Pulau laksa. It is such a small pekan, you won’t be able to miss all these as there is only one road there. I have many other posts about Balik Pulau so just use the Google Searchbox to find the older archives.

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    (September 2, 2007 - 8:30 pm)

    I had lived on the island for a long time and yet I never explored Balik Pulau. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am now looking for more information on housing projects in Balik Pulau.

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