Is my body rejecting meats?

I completed my vegetarian fasting last Thursday. I binged on lobsters, steaks and lots of porky stuffs after that on Easter. I have been pigging out because some of the large prawns and pig’s maws plus loh bak which were my Chinese New Year foods supplies are not getting any fresher. My children don’t eat prawns. I had already given a batch for my son’s barbeque and yet, we still have lots of them.

So, I ended up suffering for three days. On Monday, I have a severe dizziness until I couldn’t stand or move too fast. On Tuesday, I have a severe headache and had to tilt my head to one side in order to move. LOL, now it seems funny but not when I was suffering like that.

The only theory I have is probably my body got into a shock from the suddenly addition of meats into my diet. I have been eating easy to digest vegetarian meals and all those wham bang lobster steak and ham (hehehe, lame rhyme I know) made me sick to the stomach. Since today, I no longer dare to eat any big meals of meats.

Am I turning vegetarian? I hope not. Don’t expect much foodies post until I get back to normal again.

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1 thought on “Is my body rejecting meats?


    (April 13, 2007 - 2:51 am)

    I think it’s just the shock, you’ll be fine. 🙂

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