Kedai Kopi Min Jiang, Air Itam Road

I am going to pimp this coffee shop a bit because they have foods that are unique. The coffee shop is on the same block with Tan Chong showroom. Check out the place if you haven’t cos it is this little, unassuming coffee shop actually sells very yummy tomyam and grilled fish.


I am currently on a vegetarian diet and was ecstatic when the stall sells vegetables like asparagus, okra and four-angled beans. Just perfect for me to fulfill my cravings for grilled stingray. They are very generous with the sambal and the accompaniment of tamarind and chillies sauce was great.


Don’t miss the tomyam. It is sold by this plump woman who cook every pot individually. Waiting time is long but it is worth waiting. The soup taste is just balanced. And for RM7, you get a whole squid, two prawns and fish meats. Only sad thing is I have to remove all the seafoods and enjoy only the noodles.

Remember to order the heh chien and wantan mee made with this weird looking noodle which is similar looking to intestines.

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