Liquor Filled Chocolate Bottles

Anthon Berg Denmark

There was this one time when I thought an innocent looking chocolate filled with liqour is harmless. So, I gave one to my 4 years old (then) son and that poor fellow ended up dazed. LOL! Oh boy, I wonder if I had contributed to his extreme hyperactive character now.

This is not something I like to indulge but once in a while, the hubby bought them so it is rather fun to let dark chocolate to melt in the mouth and taste the liqour, all warm and nice flowing out. However, I think I can finish a whole box and still not tipsy. LOL. But I now forbid the younger kids from taking them because I don’t want another drunken child!
Usually, the chocolate bottles are filled with:

Cointreau, Southern Comfort, Kahlua, Jack Daniel`s Whiskey, Remy Martin, Grand Marnier to name a few.

There is a warning on the label that these chocolates are not to sold to minors under 18 years of age. So remember to keep away from children! And indulge it on yourself, secretly.

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