Little India


It is almost hard to describe what a walk through Little India in Penang is like. One has to be there to experience the smell, sound, colour and the people. You can smell incense wafting through the air, spices too. Loud music blasting. Colours from the sarees and Punjabi suits, shops selling colourful bangles, flowers and generally, the whole place is colourful and lively.


I was there not as a tourist but was actually searching for a type of sugar. My kids love the cummin seeds with a little lump of sugar they ate at a North Indian restaurant. So, we trudged through shop after shop searching for that particular type of sugar.

However, the whole environment transported me in this ‘touristy feel’. It is like visiting a foreign country. I would recommend tourist to Penang to take a walk through Little India to feel that ‘ethnic’ touch. Who knows you may return with a saree or two. At the very least, buy some snacks like the murukku.


I hope to return to Little India and take a slow stroll one day.

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  1. Sashi Says:

    Great pics!

  2. fish fish Says:

    Ah~ I always wanted to get a sari. Heee… wonder how would I look in a sari. Have you wear any Sari before?

  3. lilian Says:

    Fish fish – I think everyone will look nice in saree ‘cos sarees are so colourful and ‘fluid’. However, remember – not anyone know how to tie a saree so you must make sure got some Indian lady around to help you. It is not cheap also, a few hundred RM. But saree are sexy though, the belly showing, the blouse so tight. Hmmm…must make an effort to capture girls in saree next time.

    Sashi – Thanks for the compliments!

  4. Lrong Says:

    Yes, how about a pic of youself in saree?

  5. lilian Says:

    Lrong – If I ever get to wear one, sure I show off. But I doubt I dare to wear the saree which reveals all the belly! LOL!

  6. anasalwa Says:

    Dang.I miss those munchies, and the sari store picture is gorgeous.

  7. anasalwa Says:

    Ooppsss, sorry, they’re not saris but shalwal kameez, right?

  8. anasalwa Says:

    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day

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