Local flowers

It’s a lazy Sunday so I am sharing some of the photos of flowers I took from around Penang.

I love taking macro shots of flowers because the flowers look really beautiful when I enlarge them as my desktop pictures. I can see the tiny veins, hairy stems, transparent petals of the flowers and all the finer details that normal eyes don’t see.

hanging copy

This flower is synonymous with tropical beauty. I can’t recall the name of this flower but I know many hotels and travel brochures love to use this.

pprl copy

This purple flower is some tiny, wild flowers growing wild in the field and we may have overlook them. However, under the eyes of the camera, it looks so lovely.

fukwei copy

This is a common flower grown in Malaysian homes, mostly by the Chinese. The name in Mandarin is Fu Kwei, which signifies something good. Hence, many Chinese like the lucky connotations and plant this flower at their homes. It is a hardy plant and if given the right care, can bloom beautifully.

I uploaded all my photos at Flickr and it is rather fun. Sometimes, someone may like a certain photo I took and labelled them as their favourite. It is indeed a compliment. I also belong to the Flickr flowers group where we have a pool of photos of beautiful flowers from all over the world. So pretty!

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