Look! Who/what is this? (video help please)


I had been trigger happy these few days. Collecting over 400 photographs in a matter of three days. Of course, many of them are bad shots due to lightning etc. Nevertheless, I had been looking at things differently.

It is such fun moving around with a camera. Even the neighbourhood, weeds on the ground, moss stuck to drains, food on my table looks nicer with a camera.

I am trying to figure out how to bring out the best video resolution. My Minolta camera recorded video in .MOV file which I need to change to WMV using the software I have. But when it appears on the web, the whole thing looks too ugly due to lower resolution. I want to share the sounds and sights of a Chinese opera, Thaipusam procession and other interesting scenes but still not satisfied with the end results.

Anyone can tell me how to counter this problem? What is the ideal size of a video clip? Which website provides best FREE service to upload? I am not a video person, who find video recording boring. Unless they are very short clips.

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