Quick dinner recipes

Many of us moms usually do not have a lot of time to prepare an elaborate dinners during working and school days. Most often than not, we will whip up some quick but not so healthy meals. There are the frozen meals, quick frying stuffs or canned foods.

These are not good for our children and most of the times, I do feel guilt ridden if I have to resort to that.

So, I am always cracking my brain to find ways to prepare meals without taking up too much time. Quick dinner recipes can easily be found on the internet and that’s where I usually head to before cooking.

The recipes for quick dinners available are not only easy to prepare, the meals are low in calories and loaded with nutrition. Well, you may need to look around but once you find a good site, bookmark it and go back often.

I am looking at a simple salad made of tomatoes, shrimps and corn kernels. I have never thought of serving salad with this combination but the recipe really convinces me that it will work.

The tangy tomatoes will lend a refreshing taste to the shrimps while the corn kernels will provide more bite. With all the flavours from shrimps and corn, all we need is drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper.

The other good idea for preparing quick meals for children is to make one pot meal. Children hate the fuss of having an elaborate dinner. If you give them less choices, they will have less things to complaint.

One pot meal can be a balanced meal if we include all the various types of vegetables with meats to provide a tasty, quick meal.

So, do that a look at the various options available for quick dinner recipes. It will saves us tonnes of precious time, produces great tasting meals and most important of all, healthy and balanced meals for our family.

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