Malay grill fish and food stall


If you follow this blog often, you may notice that I enjoy going to Malay food stalls. Malay food is different from Indian, Thai or Chinese foods because they focus on the basics. You can find plenty of fresh herbs and vegetables, very much like salads.

The place I am featuring is a place in Bayan Baru. It is located at Jalan Mayang Pasir, where the Bayan Baru mosque is. I can’t seem to find the shop’s name except for this huge signboard placed on the road.

I did not take a lot of photo when I was there because it was a very HOT day and I wasn’t in the mood to snap photos. Therefore, I can’t illustrate how unique this place is. They have tiny huts made of bamboo and nipah roofings. There are plenty of pokok ceri around which provide shades. You feel like living in a kampong with sandy ground.


Part of the the huge array of food. There are three types of sambal, tempoyak, cincalok and sambal belacan. You can help yourself to the air-asam. Cut chillies, kicap manis Cap Udang dan Kipas (?) and everything that enhances grill foods are for your picking.


I chosed jantung pisang or the flower bud of the banana plant, daun pegaga and sambal tempoyak. Out of curiosity, I took one jering. Can someone please tell me how to eat it? It tasted funny.

We ordered duck curry which is rather nice. Very hard to find Malay or Indian cooking ducks. Besides that, I also tasted rebung or bamboo shoot with prawns, in masak lemak cili padi. Apart from spicy foods, they also cook very simple dishes like pumpkins and sweet potatoes. My children loved the eggs cooked in coconut milk.


Can you see the rows and rows of fishes and chicken being grilled on charcoal fire? They smells great!

At night, this same place sells Ayam Madu which is barbequed honey chicken and rice. Another lovely meal.

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