Mango – Elephant Tusk

Everyone knows what mango is and what mango looks like, I suppose?

But not all mangoes look or taste the same. I have here the elephant tusk mango from Thailand. It’s light yellow flesh has a mild sweet taste and very firm. What makes elephant tusk mango different from others is probably the paper thin seed. The smooth flesh makes it one of the better mango around. Some mangoes have too much fibres. Therefore, to serve this mango, one just need to cut it very close to the seed, into half, criss-cross it and scoop the flesh out to eat.


I have seen some Caucasian eating mangoes the wrong way, i.e. to peel the skin like a banana, leaving a horrid looking ‘torn’ flesh and then suck the flesh. Usually, we Asians use a peeler to peel off the outer skin and using a sharp knife, cut the flesh from the top (i.e. the part where the fruit stem is). This is because mangoes have fibres and cutting it other direction will make the fruit rather ‘ugly’. Moreover, the fibres may cause some people with sensitive taste buds to cough badly because it makes the throat itchy.

Some mangoes may be more expensive than others but not necessary tastier.

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