Mega sinful pork leg and oyster noodles

I can stare at this plate of pork leg and oyster noodles forever. Imagine the melting fats plus skin of the pork legs and the creamy texture of the oysters. What about those large prawns there? Meanwhile, the noodle is so tasty with the special gravy made by this Ang Hoay Lor branch of Hokkien food restaurant.

pork leg noodles

It is not something for the health freaks. But you know what? When I was there, there were three tables of very old folks, like 70 plus years old. One old uncle, who drove a Merc came. He parked right smack at the place where we were sitting, Initially, I was cussing him for leaving the car so near and the engine running. But when he got down, owwhh…he must have partial stroke and was walking with two crutches. That’s why he took extra long to park and get down.

And then, there was this very old lady. She walk with such air. When she sat down, before they even come to take her order, she took out a packet of Malboro and started puffing away.

Well, so much for healthy living.

And all of them ordered the plate of pork leg and oyster noodles!

Yet, they lived till old age.

So, blek to healthy eating. Eat and be merry! What cholesterol?

Posted by lilian on April 30th, 2008 under General

3 Responses to “Mega sinful pork leg and oyster noodles”

  1. QuaChee Says:

    wow, agree, looks sinful… but too good to resist! :)

  2. Cosmetic Addict Says:

    ohh my god ! it looks really delicious. I am hungry :(((

  3. Kess & Her Mama Says:

    Looks absolutely delicious. I like your blog. Good layout, especially the header.

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