Meme – 10 Things I Miss Of Mom’s Cooking

I got tagged by Foodcrazee and think this is a better place to continue the meme ‘cos Mom’s cooking is all pork, pig, lard. 🙂

1) Perut Ikan – This is a special curry cooked by the Nyonyas, I think. It uses pickled fish guts (ewwss the smell), lots of herbs and vegetables and spices. I used to help mom to pick the daun kadok, daun sekentut (fart leaves!), button brinjals and many types of leaves and herbs found in the kampung. Mom would preserved the fish guts she collected from the fish market in salt. Once, she didn’t do it well and the whole bottle ended up with maggots. Eewwss….But once mom cooked perut ikan, she will prepare a very big pot and gave to all our neighbours. My sisters and I would ate them for days with bread, rice or on its own.

2) Salted pork – Kiam bak which my mom seasoned with salt and left in room temperature for days. We do not have a fridge back then. I suspected the meat tasted good ‘cos there was some form of rotting involved and hence, the special fragrance! Ewss..but I never had any tummy ache though.

3) Bak chang – Whenever my mother cooked, she would prepare big batch and gave to our immediate neighbours. Our neighbours would do the same too. It was very much a community feel. No one can surpass the bak chang mom made. Big pieces of fatty pork that melts in the mouth.
4) Chinese new year spread – The first two years after my mom died, I would missed her Chinese New Year foods terribly. That’s why I decided to do it myself to maintain that connection with mom.

5) Fried lard pieces with green chillies – This is a one of its kind dish. Sweet, sour and the fragrance of green chillies blended really well with crispy lard pieces. I dare not try making them for fear of heart attack.

6) White radish soup – Mom would add sambal belacan in the soup and called it masak titeh (that’s how it sounds to me). I always have cravings for hot soup mixed with sambal belacan whenever I was pregnant.

7) Sweet potato with sayur manis – Another mom’s regular dish. Cooked with coconut milk, sambal belacan, shrimps, sweet potato and sayur manis (the green vege used for pan mee?)

8) Fried bread ala mom – When my husband first saw us cooking bread like this, he said we are mad. We used stale bread, cut into cubes and fried them like char koay kak. Mom used sambal (she made great sambal, btw), beansprout, prawns, eggs and fry the bread cubes like char koay teow style.

9) Fried prawns with starch – Very much like oh-chien but done with lots of tapioca flour, prawns and yes, you guess right, sambal. Add chives too.

10) Curry ikan kering – This dish has a sad ending for me. My mom died suddenly after a bout of bad flu. She got pneumonia and just passed away the night she was admitted. She was sick and wasn’t able to cook. So, my sis cooked and mom ate and grumbled about her curry skill (LOLs). It was her last proper meal. Mom’s curry dried fish is thick, filled with lots of pineapple, tau pok, brinjals and long beans. I haven’t been able to get that kind of curry, ever.

Now that I had written the above, I think the reason why my mom’s food is good is because she never scrimp on the ingredients. And she cooked with gusto, adding stuffs without reservation. Of all my sisters, I think I inherited her skill most.
Most of the foods I mentioned here had been blogged before but I am too lazy to look through two blogs and over 500 posts for the links. If there is any particular dish you are interested in, do ask and I will try to search for you.
I am not tagging anyone ‘cos I don’t know that many foodie bloggers. Most would have been tagged already. But if you are a foodie bloggers and wish to take up the meme, please,please leave your URL here ‘cos I love to hear your mom’s secrets.

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4 thoughts on “Meme – 10 Things I Miss Of Mom’s Cooking


    (June 19, 2006 - 11:22 pm)

    Masak titik is easy to make leh. 🙂

    Luckily my mum managed to learn from my grandma (Penang lady) and in turn, I got onto the bandwagon too. 😛


    (June 20, 2006 - 12:16 pm)

    I wana do the meme I wana do the meme! This is a good opportunity for me to jot down and remember my mom’s specialty.
    1)roti-chek fried chicken: not sure what “roti-chek” (this is hokkien name) is called in English. A type of very hard, dry yellow biscuit that doesn’t have much taste and available only in small sundry shops nowadays. The chicken is deep fried coated with smashed up roti-chek to substitute breadcrumbs/ flour. An all time fave!

    2)Stir-fried cucumber with chicken liver: I’m so crazy over this dish dat I can finish one whole plate by myself! The sauce has to be thick enough and remember to use generous amount of high quality chicken liver for the best result.

    3)Szechuan vege soup: not sure if there’s another name for this szechuan vege – the dark green, ugly looking round thingy with specks of red chilli paste. Always reminds of me s*** whenever I see its raw form in the market. Anyway, the soup of sliced szechuan vege boiled with tons of pork ribs is ichi-ban!

    4)Bak-chang: Loadsa candle nuts, meat, shitake and salted egg. As u sed, no-holding-back usage of ingredients… wud had prolly cost at least RM7 for this bak-chang outside.

    5)Mooncake: from the paste to the skin, everything is homemade and every ingredient is authentic. Lotus seed paste means 100% lotus seed; not 50% lotus seed, 50% tapioca flour. My mom had went for mooncake making classes before so this is one item dat’s not so easy to duplicate the “kung fu”.

    6)Curry rendang chicken: again, everything is homemade. Chilli paste that is painstakingly grinded. Even the kerisik is homemade!

    7)Char siew pau: hard to describe the taste…except that it doesn’t taste like anything from the shop. I can easily finish 3 of the paus in one sitting!

    8)Jeu-hoo char: Loadsa jeu-hoo and the shredded turnips/ carrots must not be too fine that it’s all soggy or too coarse that it can’t absorb the taste.

    9)Lor bak: when a lor-bak is made using real, lean meat that had been marinated properly instead of just fats that’s just doused in soy sauce, it makes all the difference in the world.

    10)All kinds of home made bread, doesn’t matter which recipe, all the hot-from-oven breads taste much better than any expensive bread sold in Isetan or 5 star hotels.

    Liann Ng

    (July 7, 2006 - 11:55 am)

    Instead of sayur manis can also cook the sweet potatoes with Bayam or cabbage. My children loved it.


    (July 10, 2006 - 12:46 am)

    Hey, may I know how did you manage to prepare such delicious food?? Where are you from?? Thanks a lot for all those recipesssss…

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