Metropolitan Park, Relau


Taman Metropolitan Relau – The name is a mouthful. The signboard along the way is so small most people would have missed it. It is located in the rural area of Penang. I have only heard of it vaguely.


However, we were pleasantly surprised to find a nice park complete with jogging track, children’s playground and other facilities.


They have taken good care of the place with nice, green lawn and rows and rows of flowers of different colours.


Fountains are a welcoming sight. There are fountains everywhere.


The path leading to the jungle track. It was rather late when we chanced upon this park yesterday so we did not have time to explore what is beyond the entrance.

There are ramps for wheelchair, a canteen (which is not operating), river, children playground and jogging tracks.

I will be going back to explore further because there is one old, abandoned bungalow which is claimed to be haunted. I had personally heard the encounter from a prominent old gentleman.

It must be thrilling to venture into that huge, broken bungalow. Watch out for more updates.

…next posting, The children’s playground that has nice carpet grass instead of those ugly rubber foams.

(In case the photos look misty, it is haze that shrouds the island.)

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