Mock chicken, mock cod fish and mock me

This is my last week of my self-persevere vegetarian fasting. It is not easy as many times, I had almost killed my own determination because the crabs, prawns and barbeque chickened were just right in front of my face.

Come to think of it, I had been eating vegetarian foods since third day of Chinese New Year. So, I can say that I really, really missed the taste of meats and fishes. I cannot totally eat only vegetables because it gets dreary. Moreover, I never like vegetables unless forced to eat. That’s why I imposed on my own self the annual vegetarian fasting during the Season of Lent (the period before Good Friday which is this Friday).


Mock cod fish. It looks so real and tastes almost there. I pan fried the slices and then, make gravy. The gravy is made from sesame oil stir fried with ginger and then, added some water, dark soya sauce, sugar, pepper and light soya sauce. Simmer the fish a bit in the gravy.


Few days ago, I bought another mock chicken meat which they actually made it look so real with skin and all! LOL. I did the same thing – stir fried with sesame oil and ginger but this time, I made it dry. And sprinkled some sesame seeds on them.

Many people tends to mock people who are vegetarians. Asking why they bother with fake meats and fishes when they want to be vegetarians. Well, why not? People are so advance in their skills and they can make pieces of gluten and soy into any shapes and flavours. So, why now? Instead of mocking the vegetarians, why not take the challenge and understand instead?

So, folks, once I get back to my normal diet, I will post more appetising stuffs here.

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2 thoughts on “Mock chicken, mock cod fish and mock me

    Mama BoK

    (April 3, 2007 - 4:13 am)

    Oh.. i love the mock meat.. i’ll eat them anytime..! i donch understand.. why ppl would mock those who eat mock meat ..hahah!! i love them.. anytime.. 😉


    (April 3, 2007 - 10:34 am)

    lilian, i found one mock frozen chicken meat by Kawan recently. it’s under the brand name Veat – Veaty Bites

    just fry the frozen bites either shallow or deep. can eat just like dat or cook in sauces. i’ve made sweet and sour so far and it was good. only tried chicken flavour so far. the other 2 were pandan chicken and satay.

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