Muar otak-otak (frozen variety)


This is certainly not Penang food but from Muar, Johor (a southern state in Malaysia). Several years ago, I was in Muar and loved their otak-otak very much. This version uses the nipah leaves, a kind of palm leaves. Whereas the Penang version uses the banana leaves and the otak is steamed instead of grill.

I will blog about Penang delicious otak-otak when I get a nice photo of them.

Meantime, these sticks of otak-otak are brought from the frozen section from supermarkets. I grilled them using the grill in my microwave oven.

Basically, otak-otak is a paste made from spicies, egg, coconut milk and fish flesh. The main ingredients that made the otak-otak flavourful is the kaffir lime leaves and the daun kadok. Sorry, I do not know how to make otak-otak and don’t have the recipe.

I hope to taste the real otak-otak from Muar one of these days. I remember sitting by the riverside, savouring these sticks of delicious spicy fish, about 20 years ago! Wonder if the place is still there and Muar is still famous for its otak-otak? Or has Malacca taken the limelight for this delicacy?

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