Mushroom, black fungus and stuff

Enoki mushroom or called golden needle mushroom is the white colour, long stem mushroom. It taste nice when fried with tempura flour. Or use in steamboats and tomyams.

The black fungus is the fresh variety. It is crunchy and add ‘texture’ to steam fish, soup, stir fried dishes and also ‘kerabu’ or what we called, the Asian flavoured salad. This black fungus also come in dried varieties. There are two types, one is the huge black fungus, more suitable for stews and braised dishes. The other is the woodears (also the same but small). The dried version has to be soaked in water before cooking.

Of course, the other thing in the photo is the baby corn, which I am sure most people are familiar with.

Percolator has commented the following. Thanks for the tips!

Fungus – the huge one is called ‘wan yee’ ie ‘cloud ear’ whereas the smaller one is ‘mook yee’ ie ‘wood ear’.

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