My church

Peter Tan has some lovely shots of our church, The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Green Lane. (Behind Caltex, in Jalan Besi). Please check out the beautiful shots taken by Peter. Long before I step into this church, I had been admiring it from far. Each morning when I drove my kids to school, I will pass by this huge building which is octagon in shape. Back then, I had wondered. How come these Christian people also build their church according to fengshui tips ha?

We have a semi circle altar (like a stage where the priest/Bishop stand) and the people sit on the pews which surround the altar. The portion behind the altar is build into a small room, meant for parents with small children to sit. This room is connected with a CCTV so they can still join in the worshipping. Oh yeah, the church is air-conditioned and very, very cosy.

More photos can be found here. You can find some photos of Mother Mary in kebaya and Jesus as a boy in baju Melayu. We are celebrating our church 50th anniversary this year.

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