Nice supper place with Penang hawker foods

I cannot remember when I blogged about this place. However, it is my regular place to have dinner and sometimes supper. So, let’s do it again. This is the hawker place at the junction of Caunter Hall road and that little road where Han Chiang primary school is. The place is famous for it wantan mee sold by the most sour-ish face group of people.

crispy noodle

My eldest son likes the crispy noodle sold by the char hor fun stall. Not many stalls sell this type of noodle over here in Penang.

fried mushroom

There is a fat woman selling Taiwan sausage and she also sells deep fried oyster mushrooms. I like!

The ‘you owe me a million ringgit, sour face’ unfriendly and super lansi wantan mee seller also have nice braised chicken feet. You can see a photo of them in Best Recipe blog.

braised chicken feet

Since so many people like their wantan mee which is loaded with lots of lard and also the chicken feet, they can continue their super-lansi lanyong face, you know?

ultra spicy hot taiwan sausages

This is the taiwan sausage I ate the other day. Super ultra spicy. Sometimes, I buy the fresh frozen sausages home and cook them myself. What I did was to boil the sausage for a while to remove some of those fats and flavourings. Then, I pan fry and pour honey on them and make it caramelised. Not healthy stuffs but heck, you only live once, so live it to the max.

Let me tell you what other things are nice to eat here ;

1) Satay – pork intestines, mutton and beef
2) Chee cheong fun
3) Oyster omelette and fried taukua
4) Koay teow thng
5) Economy beehoon
6) Great chicken, duck and char siew/siew bak rice

There is no proper parking so you have to be careful that your car doesn’t get hauled up by the police. Try the small roads behind the hawker place.

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2 thoughts on “Nice supper place with Penang hawker foods


    (December 5, 2007 - 9:40 pm)

    Did ya notice how the ‘you owe me a million ringgit, sour face’ unfriendly and super lansi wantan mee seller delicately remove 2 short strand from one bowl to the other ??

    dahla business is good, it takes ages to get served n the cook go get anal with pecahan pulak :S

    Cokeworld Citizen

    (December 7, 2007 - 3:40 am)

    Hahaha if he not so lansi, he won’t be able to sit big car ler for just selling bak eu loaded noodles.

    Heard my dad say he sell since he was young.

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