Non-bake, fake salted chicken

salted chicken

We bought a salted chicken with dongguai flavour the other day. The above salted baked chicken costs RM22 and it is really tiny. We will need at least two chickens to feed the kids.

I have seen how salt baked chicken is made and I personally will not attempt because we need to make a mixture of coarse sea salt with flour to wrap the chicken in. Then, where am I going to find an oven huge enough to bake the chicken?

However, that doesn’t stop me from experimenting. It is just a trial recipe so I have no guarantee that it will be good.

I use :

Mixture of chicken and pork ribs (about 600 grams)

Season the chicken overnight with :

5 tablespoons of Chinese cooking wine like Shao Xing Hua Tia Chew

Few dashes of fish sauce (the combination of this with wine is really fantastic)

General dash of pepper

A pinch of salt

Put the chicken in a plastic bag and leave in the chiller section of the fridge.

To bake :

Large sheets of aluminium foil. Fold them gently to form a bowl-like shape.

Rub the chicken with salt.

Stuff some red dates and garlic

Wrapped the foil

Steam the packet for one hour or until the pork ribs are tender.


If you like Chinese herbs, just put a few pieces of donguai, yoke choke and kei chee to make the chicken tastier.

The result of the above trial recipe turned out very nice. My little boy love the fragrance of the Chinese wine. (the alcohol has evaporated so he won’t get drunk).

I have been meaning to find shops selling glass papers which can be used to wrap the chicken but am not sure which type of shop sells them. I personally do not like the idea of wrapping things in aluminium foil.

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2 thoughts on “Non-bake, fake salted chicken


    (August 28, 2008 - 9:28 am)

    Hmmphh.. seems like a successful attempt:) I shall give it a try myself:) Thanks for the tipsy


    (October 6, 2008 - 9:05 pm)

    I buy my glass paper from a shop on Jalan Jelutong, called Demeeter (betw post office and petrol station, on the same side as the Jelutong market). It sells baking ingredients & etc. Sorry, I don’t have the address nor the tel # to share with you. I use the glass paper to steam herbal chicken too.

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