Nothing like a plate of ‘siew bak’

Have you been to the coffeeshops on mornings when all the old retirees sat down for their early morning coffee and bragging? Do you notice how many of them are fond of buying a packet of roasted pork and put it on the table to enjoy along with their dim sum? Have you ever wonder why these old men seem so hale and hearty when the health freaks keep telling us to stay away from lard and fatty pork?


Well, I don’t have that luxury of sitting in coffeeshop to brag about politics, economy or any coffeeshop talks but I do indulge in some of these roasted pork once in a while. There is nothing more satisfying than to buy them from the morning market when the pork still feel a bit warm from the roasting. The crackling sin, the fats spurting in our mouth and the taste of a well seasoned meat. Ahh…bliss. Worry about heart diseases later, ok? After all, those old men seem very healthy and happy, don’t they?

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2 thoughts on “Nothing like a plate of ‘siew bak’


    (October 19, 2007 - 11:14 am)

    I loveeeeeeee siew bak, and it is a great pleasure eating it together with any hawker food, my fav is siew bak+ wan tan mee, siew bak + hokkien mee, i wish to have siew bak in almost everythinggggg!

    Agnes Tan

    (October 25, 2007 - 11:13 am)

    yummy siew bak 😛
    I must have siao bak whenever I was pregnant, at least once a week…
    My thai friend told me it is normal to have siao bak and kopi for breakfast in some parts of Thailand….
    What a good life….

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