I just love the nutmeg mace. It is so beautiful and intricate. The mace is the reddish ‘netting’ surrounding the nutmeg seed. Penang is famous for it’s nutmeg.

Nutmeg has several use in western and also local cuisine. Some of them are:
1) Nutmeg powder like those prepared by the Western spices brands is good for seasoning seafood. A pinch of nutmeg on fish will take away the ‘fishy’ smell.
2) Grated nutmeg can be used to flavour puddings and pies.
3) The nutmeg seed, crushed is a must for preparing the ‘kiam chye ark’ (preserved salted vegetable and duck soup).
4) Fresh nutmegs when boiled with rock sugars for several hours will turn into delicious nutmeg syrup. Mixed with ice and water, it is a refreshing drink.
5) And finally, pickled nutmeg! It will drive away ‘wind’ from a gassy tummy.

Nutmeg can be made into soothing balm and oil for aching muscles and other ailments. The nutmeg oil smells very comforting, good for easing headache, tummy ache, giddiness and all other ‘granny’ ailments.

So many uses of this nice fruit, don’t you think so? Next time when you are in Penang, don’t forget to grab some nutmeg oil, balm, pickled nutmeg, nutmeg juice, nutmeg sweet…….and bring back as souveniers from Penang.

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