Old hen

*Warning – chicken carcass ahead. No nice food photos, yet.*

I am very delighted to find old hens in the supermarket today. Do you know that it is a rare ‘commodity’? Usually, all the old hens are sold to regulars like restaurants and hawkers. One has to pre-order them from the wet markets if needed.

Why old hens? Because old hens are very much sought after to slow boil superior chicken stock. Superior chicken stock is the basic of all expensive soups like sharksfin, Monk jump over the wall and all those double-boiled soups.

The old hen I bought is twice the price of a normal chicken. It costs me RM12 per chicken. I was snapping away with the camera whilst my hubby was helping me to chop the hen into two.
Old hens have very hard bones, hence, I need a man’s strength. Their flesh is too hard for normal dishes but they give a sweeter and tastier flavour to soups.

Hens are considered old when they have slowed down in laying eggs or their eggs have grown too small. I do know quite a lot about hens, chickens and castrated cocks as my mom used to rear some when I was small. See these unformed eggs in the inner parts of the hen?

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