Peking Duck

I am terribly confused by this waitress who talked to much. We ordered Peking Duck and she said they don’t have. They only sell Beijing Duck. I told her Beijing is Peking. And the conversation went on and on and the ducks turned into lor ark which is stewed duck. Confused? Yeah, me too. So, on the first trip to the restaurant, we skipped ordering any ducks. But found others people eating what we had wanted to order – Peking Duck. Or Beijing Duck according to the talkative waitress.

So, today we went back for dim sum brunch and this time we got what we wanted.


A poor duck that was spread on all fours with the head in a nice S shaped. Poor duckie, duckie. Then the waitress who talked too much use a cleaver and sliced off all the crispy skin.


The main attraction is the skin of the duck. All crispy with oil oozing. Crunch, crunch.


To counter the oiliness, the Peking Duck is served with Mandarin crepe which is like a capati, made from flour. The above is a plate of cucumber, scallions (the white part of spring onions) and red chillie


One will spread some hoisin sauce (or whatever it is called) on the crepe, put a piece of skin, cucumber and scallion and rolled up. Eat.

Meantime, the poor duck without its skin will be rushed to the emergency room, no, I mean the kitchen. They will sliced off the meat and stir fry. You have a choice of black-pepper or ginger and spring onions stir fry. We had to take the ginger/spring onions stir fry because of the kids. Not very nice.


But the orchid is beautiful, ya?

Cost : RM34 per duck with the works
Place : Midland One-stop, Jalan Burmah
Next to Berjaya Hotel, first floor, on the corner
Decor : No tacky, red, Chinese decor. In fact, almost no decor at all!

A place where the waitresses all talked too much. Nice and friendly service. Food so-so but not expensive. Previously, the place was rather deserted but lately business seems to be picking up. Probably because of the price of the Peking Duck which is ‘On Offer’.

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