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The Khoo Kongsi is probably the most intricately decorated building around the region. This is the first time I step foot into this famous tourist spot. The whole place is so breathtaking. The floor, staircase, walls, ceiling and even the roof are decorated. There is almost not a single surface which is not touched up with either gold, marble, mother-of-pearls, enamel and very nice brick works. Every corner, from the floor to the ceiling is worth taking photos.

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The place is an association and not a temple. They have a main lobby, a columbarium (where they store the ashes, tablet) for the patriach of the Khoo clans, something like a classroom and a big courtyard with an outdoor stage.

This emblem caught my eye. The Penang and Malaysia flags grace this very traditional but majestic emblem.

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It is almost impossible to share the beauty of this building through mere photographs. One has to go into the courtyard, paying a fee of RM5 and explore the place themselves. Taking time to appreciate the fine carvings of marble, granite, wood and etc. Every pillar, every ceiling tells a story.

The Khoo clan must have been very rich migrants to Malaya. This association building has stand out amongst other Chinese clans in Penang. One of the cute statue, amongst all the lions, dragons and fu dogs is this turbaned guard. There is a pair, standing at the main entrance, guarding the place.

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If you are in Penang, don’t miss making Khoo Kongsi one of your stop.

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    (April 10, 2005 - 12:31 pm)

    Nice pictures…. I remember when i was there eons ago they were under construction. I must do all these tourisie stuff when i’m back in penang.. 😀

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    (July 8, 2006 - 11:28 pm)

    […] Heritage spots like the Khoo Kongsi, Cheah Kongsi, Yap Temple are all located within the town area.  Khoo Kongsi is a must visit because the whole place is filled with lots of carvings and other intricate designs.  These places are within walking distances.  If you wish, hop on the trishaw for  ride to Little India which is nearby. […]

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