Penangites, don’t get conned by these bloodsucker parking attendants

The cost of parking for 30 minutes charged by the Municipal Council is 40 sen (or some places only 30 sen).

But these bloodsucker ‘si gi na’ wanted RM2 for parking outside Gurney Plaza.  Talk about Gurney Plaza, the other day their basement parking was flooded with fishy water smell (believed from some leaky sewage pipe).  Puke!
Once, the attendant wanted RM2 from my hubby but was quickly brushed off by my calculative hubby.  He insisted to pay only half an hour parking because we were just killing time while waiting to pick our children.  The attendant wanted to bluff that it is the Council’s order but my hubby asked him to call the Council’s staff who were nearby issuing parking summons to motorcyclists (WTF!) parking on kerbs.  The attendant quickly shut up and gave us a receipt for 40 sen.

Few days ago, I was alone with my kids and the same thing happened again.  “Dua ringgit!  (Two ringgit)”. the parking boy insisted.  So, I told him I only want half an hour and paid him 40 sen.

So, Penangites, don’t get conned by them because an hour is only 80 sen.  I don’t care if they have to keep updating every half an hour because it is their job.  If they don’t like working as parking attendants, then, go find other jobs.  If they don’t have the manpower to update, then don’t take the contract from MPPP.  And if MPPP never change the parking system, then, no one can cut-throat us public.  They want the easy way out of never updating the parking tickets and charge you RM2 flat.

Hahaha, of course, if you are driving a spanking new, shiny paintworks new car, you may not want to mess with them.  I can’t guarantee your car will be safe after trying to save RM1.20.  Frankly, it is not the money but rather the principle of it.

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8 thoughts on “Penangites, don’t get conned by these bloodsucker parking attendants


    (July 4, 2006 - 8:20 pm)

    Well good for you really. In all fairness , ppl only pay because they are afraid. Once took my car out in Penang, went to the shop lots opposite Island Plaza. Refused to pay 2 ringgit up front to the kid, and my car was vandalised with the “Parking attendent” missing.


    (July 5, 2006 - 2:56 pm)

    arrrghhh why din blog this earlier??? *sobs* we got sucked RM3 last week cos silly hubby thot its ex to park inside gurney plaza as we’re gonna be there for 2 hours only f@$#%


    (July 7, 2006 - 8:05 am)

    Parking attendants over there are a bunch of cunts. I almost fought with one of them because they insisted that I pay first. I didn’t want to because I don’t know how long I would take. What happened to the days when you pay after you park?

    domestic rat

    (July 10, 2006 - 4:44 pm)

    Hmm… how did this happened? So far, I have not been conned by the attendants. They always collect around 80sens from us, but never Rm2. If you were ever going to spend a long time in GP, I would suggest you park on the gravel-filled site beside the plaza where it’s RM3 per entry for unlimited hours of parking!


    (July 14, 2006 - 1:12 am)

    i hav several similar experiences with this unruly ‘parking attendance’.
    case 1: outside Gurney Plaza and he insist i pay for 2 hours straight of the normal price. i totally ignored him.

    case 2: i park in the box with meters. this illegal attendant came to me and ask for parking fees ?!! i gave him a good stare and walk away.

    case 3:my friend and i were siiting on the hotel beach one nite along Tanjong Bunga and this indian teenager came to us. he ask us for RM3 for parking our car. i consider my situation: he doesn’t know our car and where we park it;he is wearing casual clothes so not hotel staff.i ask him why and he says b’cos we park our car on the road.i ask again if the hotel management give him permission, he dare to say yes. i refuse to give him, but my friend gave him almost immediately. and that fellow extort many others nearby who also pay up. tch…

    Ee Lin

    (September 6, 2006 - 11:48 pm)

    this always happen to us. The “ah NEH” guy outside gurney plaza always try to con us. JI LA KAK! He think he set the law.

    btw, Gurney Plaza basement parking RM1.50/hour.
    top : RM3/ 1st 3hour, continue by RM1/hour. (weekday)

    Weekend i can’t even get in the carpark, so i don really remember how much. ^_^


    (August 6, 2007 - 10:03 am)

    Once when I was in Gurney, the “ah neh” also took RM2 from me, and the stupid me didn’t think about it and straight away I gave him the money. When I recalculate back, then only I know that guy cheat my money. So when I’m leaving, I saw that guy again and I said to him: “You cheat me ar, it’s only 40cents parking here but you take RM2 from me. Cannot like that one la. I’m going to complain this to the authority”
    Hearing the word complain, he very quickly said sorry and he agreed to return back RM1 to me. I should have seen this blog earlier.

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