Pengat Durian, anyone?


Someone got very agigated with my last post on Pengat normally cooked by Penangites during Chap Goh Meh or the 15th day of Chinese New Year. That’s how our Pengat looks and taste like but this dude seems to rant on and on about how wrong I was.

So, today I decided to throw whatever I can find in my fridge to come out with Pengat Durian. I had left out the sago pearls because my kids do not like them. I don’t think bananas will be a good accompaniment to durians. Hence, I only use sweet potatoes and yam.


Coconut milk – from about 1 coconut or one small UHT carton (200ml)
Half a piece of gula melaka
Two tiny sweet potatoes, skin and cube
Fist size of yam, cube
1/4 teaspoon of salt
Enough water to cover the yam and sweet potatoes
Pandan leaves
Flesh of 4 seeds of durians (4 ulas) remove seed

Boil yam and sweet potatoes with gula melaka in the water till soft. Add pandan leaves, durian and coconut milk. Flavour with the salt till get the right ‘lemak-ness’. Add more gula melaka if you prefer it sweeter.

Result : A dessert that taste heavenly to durians lover but will make durian-haters faint. It is really, really out of this world.

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