Pig’s ears – A delicacy?


The Chinese have a way of eating almost every parts of the pig. Each funny organs and parts turned into food. Maybe this was due to poverty back in CHina when they had to make do with whatever they can get their hands on. Maybe it is because Chinese are adventurous people.

I don’t normally fancy pig’s ear but for the sake of blogging, I ordered one tiny slice yesterday. Well, pig’s ear is this bland tasting gelatinous skin and soft bones. It has a crunchy bite with soft and gel like texture mixed together.

In the above photo, I have dipped the piece into the sauce made of tapioca flour and soya sauce. The pig’s ear has to be simmered in soya sauce for a long time so that it will absorb the taste of the soya sauce and star anise.


Another look at the pig’s ear which is in the foreground. In the same plate is a century egg and some prawns fritters. Do you know what is moe eeeky than pig’s ear but has the same texture? The pig’s snout. Yeap, they do have pig’s snout as well. I don’t think I like the idea of eating it though.


I have not been updating this blog that much because I don’t eat out that often, the internet speed was slow and generally, we have a fear of pig, pork and all those claims of cancer causing agents the pig’s farmers used on their pigs.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great 2007! Oink-oink!

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1 thought on “Pig’s ears – A delicacy?


    (March 30, 2010 - 1:56 pm)

    I was buying frozen pig ears from my local butcher to feed my puppy who was ran over by a truck before I got her as a rescue. I thought all that fresh cartlidge would be healthier than those horrible processed pigs ears they sell for dogs in the states. I just baked them with nothing else and they smelled so good and my dog was happy and excited…I tried a bite…not bad. I noticed my skin started looking healthier too. I try to buy the highest quality raised pigs although USDA has helped increase pig quality in the USA so I don’t worry as much about unhealthiness.
    Next time I will try some low sodium soya sauce. I would not try those innards though or the snout oink from SF, CA USA

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