Pita ham & cheese – ideal for little hands

Pita bread is that little neat, roundish bread that looks it is  like half-cooked due to its pale colour.  I bought them from the bakery, RM2.50 for five pieces of wholemeal pita (not sure why it looks so white though).  On its own, there isn’t much taste and pita has a strong ‘sourish’, yeasty smell.

What I like about pita is the ability to make a pocket in between so that I can stuff things inside.  This way it makes a neat package for messy toddlers.

I bought some honey roasted ham, fresh from the deli, expensive stuffs, that is.  Hahaha, I always find hams and other cured meat  really expensive and don’t always purchase them.  Anyway, all these meats aren’t that good for health in the long run.  For the price of three pieces of ham, I can buy a whole katti (600grams) of fresh pork already.   Nevertheless, it is nice to have ham and cheese sandwiches  once in a while.
I cut the pita right in the middle, stuffed in a slice of cheese and ham.  BTW, these expensive cuts ham is less salty that those squarish, cheaper varieties.  Moreover, it is a whole leg of pig and not some minced up meat.  They are fresh sliced and I notice that the butcher usually remove the first piece of the ham (discarded) and give us the rest of them.  So, I usually eat them fresh from the butcher without frying.  Otherwise, remember to heat through those meats to avoid food poisoning.

After stuffing them, I popped the pita into the toaster to get a crunchy outer layer.  The cheese melted a bit and yummy….However, counting the cost of one pita (50 sen), one piece of cheddar cheese (50 sen) and one piece of ham (RM2), it is not that cheap, no?  RM3 for one.

Anyway, my toddler loves it and finished the whole pita bread with ham and cheese all by himself.   No leftovers like I was expecting.  I didn’t even get a bite!

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5 thoughts on “Pita ham & cheese – ideal for little hands


    (September 5, 2006 - 10:34 pm)

    Mmmm, the pita looks yummy!

    Yeah – those deli hams can be a bit pricey.
    I did try one of the cheaper varieties once (I was a starving student in Melbourne lah) but still regret it – it was like eating a square piece of pinkish rubber that only vaguely tasted of pork.


    (September 6, 2006 - 11:19 am)

    Not even a bite for darling mummy? That must be one yummylicious pita!


    (September 6, 2006 - 4:12 pm)

    Glad there is no pita watever in downunder. The last time I saw the drooling pics of cheese + bread from auntie, I went to buy a sandwich maker after to make some great sandwiches for the whole week. kekekeke.


    (September 9, 2006 - 12:36 am)

    why no vege iin the filling … that would make the sandwich look more appetising … hahaha


    (September 11, 2006 - 11:07 am)

    i love pita bread cos its so versatile. the pouch is great for meat floss hahaha yeah no more messy floss all over! on an emergency, pita can be used as a pizza base too.

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